Vita Adelelmi – Life of Saint Lesmes

14th and 16th century.

Archive of the Monastery of Cistercian Calatravan nuns  of San Felices (Burgos).

Replica published on occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the creation of the University of Burgos.

Latin. Written in Gothic script.

Manuscript on parchment with 158 pages measuring ± 260 x 360 mm.

Facsimile reproduction that perfectly recreates the codex with the same feel, thickness and state of ageing of the original.

Handmade leather binding with clasps, in the old style with slipcase.

Accompanied by a volume with the only rigorous and exhaustive studies carried out on this codex.

Very small numbered print run limited to 230 copies with notarial certificate.

Images of Vita Adelelmi – Life of Saint Lesmes