Cartularies of Valpuesta

9th-13th centuries. National Historical Archive. Church of Valpuesta (Santa María de Valpuesta).

The Gothic and Gallican Cartularies of the Church of Valpuesta.

The most remote origins of our language!

The Gothic Cartulary is written mainly in Visigothic script and the Galican Cartulary is written in Carolinian or Gallican script, hence their names.

Although more than just a cartulary in the traditional sense of the term, the Gothic Cartulary would be more of a factitious codex, with documents spanning a long historical period and with the exceptional intervention of 34 different hands in its production.

The Galican Cartulary, on the other hand, corresponds to the typical concept of a cartulary.

Complete facsimile edition of the two volumes, corresponding to each of the two cartularies (the Gothic and Galican cartularies) of Valpuesta. Leather binding with fittings and clasps. Accompanied by a book of studies, which, in addition to offering the first and rigorously modern transcription, presents a meticulous analysis. This study, in a true display of erudition, identifies the 34 scribes who participated in its drafting, dating their works for the first time and classifying them chronological order.

Limited and numbered edition of 898 copies, with the corresponding notarial record.

Images of Cartularies of Valpuesta