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After a quarter of a century of publishing activity, at Siloé we could prefectly make ours the well-known slogan that says: “With the same enthusiasm as on the very first day”. In truth, we are still fully enthusiastic about our firm commitment to Culture, as evidenced not only by the considerable range of important facsimiles that we are going to present to you on this website, but also by the launching of three of our major initiatives: the Book Museum – which has now moved to Covarrubias (Burgos) -, the Voynich Museum – which aims to shed some light on one of the greatest mysteries of the planet – and the Museum of El Cid.

The extensive collection of published facsimiles we have managed to create offers an exceptional journey through the world of history, literature and art. We have reproduced, with extraordinary fidelity and care, the exquisite beauty of many of the most significant codices and documents of the human past. Our facsimiles perfectly recreate original pieces from the most important libraries in the world, such as the National Libraries of Spain, France and Austria, London’s Westminster Abbey, the Universities of Yale and Geneva, and many more. And the result of our quality and efforts is the impressive harvest of National Prizes awarded by the Ministry of Culture to the Best Edited Facsimiles in Spain -in addition to a long series of other national and international prizes and awards-, as well as a halo of excellence that the word Siloé has already attained all over the world.

Siloé, Arte y Bibliofilia is a Burgos-based publishing house specialized in facsimiles that started in 1997 with Don Juan of Austria’s Bestiary and has already published more than 80 works.

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