Codex Calixtinus of the University of Salamanca

14th century. Anonymous.

Library of the University of Salamanca, MS. 2631.

Liber Sancti Jacobi. The first and most famous guide for pilgrims.

There is no unanimity on either the author or the place of original writing.

Latin. Written in bookplate gothic script.

Four beautiful miniatures, multiple initials of the book in large size, in blue and red, with colour interlacing, and many more throughout the book.

The Salamanca codex is a codex of considerable richness, as evidenced not only by its suggestive images, but also by the many initials and capital letters with their beautifully rendered decoration and interior drawings.

Complete facsimile edition of this transcendental codex of 246 pages measuring 245 x 331 mm.

Handmade leather binding with a special preservation slipcase. Accompanied by a rigorous and modern study book.

Limited and numbered edition of 898 copies, with notarial certification.

Images of Codex Calixtinus of the University of Salamanca