12th century. Anonymous.

Biblioteca dell’Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei e Corsiniana de Roma. Sign. Cors. 369 (40 E.6).

This is both the smallest and the most unusual codex of the famous series of the Beati of Liébana.

There are many mysteries surrounding this Beatus, including its author, its exact date of execution and its attribution to the monastery of Sahagun, which is almost certain.

Latin. Carolinian script with some Gothic elements and clear Visigothic reminiscences.

This unusual format lends a truly special character to its writing and miniatures.

342 pages in parchment, measuring 97 x 167 mm.

Handmade leather binding and preservation box.

Limited edition of 898 numbered copies with notarial certificate.

National Prize 2011. Best books published in 2010.  Ministry of Culture. Modality: facsimile books.

Beatus of the Corsiniana Library


    Facsimil de Beato corsini - Beatos de liébana - Siloe