Charter of Pledge of the Cid and Doña Jimena

11th century.

Original parchment preserved in the Archive of the Cathedral of Burgos.

One of the few surviving documents of the mythical figure of the Cid.

Latin. Written in round Visigothic script.

Size 570 x 420 mm.

Facsimile reproduction that perfectly recreates the document with the same feel, thickness and state of age as the original and the accompanying 18th century transcription sheets and notes.

Presented in a superb slipcase accompanied by a magnificent volume of studies by Manuel Alvar, of the Royal Academies of Language and History; Gonzalo Martínez Díez, Emeritus Professor of History of Law at the Juan Carlos I University in Madrid and Francisco Javier Peña Pérez, Professor of Medieval History at the University of Burgos. It also includes a current transcription by Manuel Zabalza Duque.

Numbered limited edition with notarial certificate of 1,099 copies (making this number coincide with the year of the death of El Cid).

Edition awarded the Fray Luis de León Prize in 2000 for the best publishing work in special editions and facsimiles.

National Prize 2001. Best books published in 2000. Ministry of Culture. Modality: facsimile books.

Images of Charter of Pledge of the Cid and Doña Jimena