Book of the Knights of the Brotherhood of Santiago (Saint James)

14th-17th century. Burgos.

Extraordinary replica of the oldest equestrian armorial in Europe. One of the great jewels of world genealogy and heraldry.

This facsimile has 90 full-page miniatures. In each folio, miniated on both sides, you can see how the heraldic azure, gules and vert appear combined with gold and silver.

Miniated in gold and silver with over 300 knights in line with their coats of arms, harnesses, armour, names and noble titles.

Page size 270 x 370 mm. Old style binding. Leather with clasps and book box.

Accompanied by an important and indispensable volume of studies by:

Transcription and palaeographical study – José Manuel Ruiz Asencio. University of Valladolid.

The miniatures – Joaquín Yarza Luaces. Autonomous University of Barcelona.

The Brotherhood – Matías Vicario Santamaría. Archive, Burgos Cathedral.

Heraldry – Mª Dolores Guerrero Lafuente. University of Granada.

Limited edition of 898 numbered copies with notarial certificate.

National Prize 2001. Best books published in 2000. Ministry of Culture. Modality: facsimile books.

Images of Book of the Knights of the Brotherhood of Santiago (Saint James)

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