Codex Granatensis de Natura Rerum Tacuinum Sanitatis

16th century. Ibn Butlan. Library of the University of Granada. Latin.

One of the most valuable codices of biological and medical content.

Illustrated with over 600 miniatures. 232 pages measuring 325 x 455 mm.

It consists of 12 manuscripts: 11 correspond to the scientific encyclopaedia De Natura Rerum by Tomás de Cantimpré and the other, Tacuinum Sanitatis, to a treatise on practical medicine and dietetics, an abridged Latin version of the writings by Ibn Butlán, an 11th-century Arab physician. Included in the scientific encyclopaedia is a short treatise on falconry. Throughout the codex there are marginal notes in medieval German.

Accompanied by a splendid volume of studies and transcription (in English and Spanish).

Important: As these books have been stored for such a long time, some of the study volumes may have slight blemishes which are impossible to repair as they are numbered separately.

Last copies of the limited and numbered edition produced in 1973 and out of print for many years.

Images of Codex Granatensis de Natura Rerum Tacuinum Sanitatis