Imagery of Vertigo


The 20 poems by Antonio Gamoneda interact intimately with the 20 paintings by Carlos Piñel, a friend of his, in a singular and moving artistic dialogue.

This is Antonio Gamoneda’s latest great collection of poems.

Antonio received multiple awards throughout his career, including the National Poetry Prize, and later, in 2006, the highest award in Hispanic literature: the “Premio Cervantes” (Cervantes Prize), and, more recently, the no less prestigious Manuel Acuña International Prize in Mexico.

– Limited print run of only 119 copies, printed and signed by the authors.

– Specially manufactured, heavyweight paper.

– Generous size: 34 x 58 cm

– Luxurious handmade slipcase.

Gamoneda himself acknowledges that this book is very special, and that, throughout his long career as a writer, never before had an artist’s book required so much dedication, so much effort and so much time.

Antonio had to rewrite entire verses and poems, while trying to preserve poetic meanings and findings, to adopt more horizontal rhythms to which he was pushed by this dialogue with the paintings, in order to submit himself, as he confesses, to the tyranny of a fixed number of lines per page but without allowing for any widow lines.

For his part, Carlos Piñel is a renowned artist with a long-standing tradition. He has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions and biennials in Madrid, Tokyo, Washington, New York, Würzburg (Germany), Lisbon, etc.

 Piñel’s pictorial work can currently be seen in numerous museums, foundations, public and private entities, both in Spain and abroad.

In this book we have carried out a careful artistic printing of Piñel’s paintings in up to 12 different colours, which were then personalised by the author with original contributions in acrylic, pencil and ink.

The final printing was carried out manually, page by page, and has been published after four years of testing, compositions, corrections and modifications in an almost obsessive search for a chimera: total perfection, which of course has not been achieved, but we have rarely gone so far on the way thereto.

Pictures from the Imagery of Vertigo

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