Miguel Ángel Lombardía
Poemas del toro


6 etchings, 62 x 85 cm, etching, entitled: “Passion”, “Bullfight”, “Picador”, “Caste Bull”, “Bull” and “Bull of Love and Absence”.

Sonnets by Rafael Morales.

Further information

Painter, sculptor and engraver, he was born in Asturias in 1946. He started at the age of thirteen as a self-taught painter with individual exhibitions in Sama and Oviedo.

In 1964 he entered the School of Arts and Crafts in Oviedo. In 1965 he organised, together with painter Francisco Pol, a “Homage” of Spanish painters to Pablo Picasso, whom they visited in Nôtre Dame de Vie, giving him an album of paintings and drawings by young Spanish artists.

His pictorial language started from realism, to adopt, from 1972 onwards, positions of strong expressiveness, close to the painting of social testimony, as is reflected in his series “The Mine” and in the group of works dedicated to Asturian mythology.

From the “Dispossessions” series onwards, his style took on an unmistakable singularity, incorporating into paintings not only material, waste elements – in accordance with the poetics of “poor art” – but also three-dimensional volumes and real planes added to the base of the support, with which the work acquires the dimensions of a scenographic space.

This process has been synthesised in his mature works, within a language of rich material, sustained spatial experimentation and peculiar colourism, with a predominance of bright shades of green and blue, with strong contrasts of white, in a figuration that is increasingly innovative and abstracted in symbols.