Fermín Vázquez
The recitals. Engravings

In this collection, Fermin Vazquez has collected a series of bullfighting-themed works in the hope that they will become a meeting point between bullfighting enthusiasts and his work. Fermín Vázquez Judez, was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 1954. That same year his family moved to Zaragoza and in 1966 he returned to Las Palmas.

He enters Luján Pérez’s Free School of Fine Arts. He then studied Fine Arts in Tenerife.

During his stay in the Canary Islands, he held numerous exhibitions in cultural centres dependent on the Island Council, such as La Casa Colón in Gran Canaria and others.

In Tenerife he produced some stage designs for various theatrical groups and several exhibitions. Among others, in the Caja Insular Savings Bank, as well as various other group exhibitions.

He moved to Madrid and studied engraving with Alfonso Sánchez Toda, an expert engraver for the National Bank of Spain.

In the following years he alternated his pictorial activity with graphic design, advertising and illustration. He held exhibitions in Madrid, Sagunto, Valencia, Onteniente, Toledo, Seville, Zaragoza, Bilbao, Palma de Mallorca and other cities in Spain.

He has works in France, United Kingdom, Mexico, United States as well as in the Bullfighting Museum of Madrid.