Álvaro Delgado
A New World

In 1991, close to the commemoration of the 5th centenary of the discovery of America, Alvaro Delgado produced a series of 20 lithographs entitled Un orbe nuevo (A New World). The artist narrates the encounter between the two worlds, reflecting the positive side of the historical event. In terms of technique, he tries to conquer a calligraphic freedom that leads him to the edge of abstraction.

Lithographs numbered 50×70 cm signed by the author.

Further information

Álvaro Delgado Ramos (1922-2016) stands out for his strong mastery of technique, in which the cubist structure, gestural value and strength of colour prevail.

He is renowned for his thematic renovation, particularly in the portrait genre, as well as for his strong personality within the expressionist trends.

A member of the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts since 1973, Álvaro Delgado has been awarded numerous prizes such as the National Gold Medal for Fine Arts and the Gold Medal of the City of Madrid.