Juan José García and Pablo Molinero, from the Siloé Publishing House,
‘Outstanding’ Award in the category of Publishing Work

The heads of the Siloé publishing house, Juan José García and Pablo Molinero, have received the ‘Outstanding’ Award in the category of Editorial Work. An award promoted by the lifestyle magazine Expansión, which, in its sixth national edition «recognises the trajectory of outstanding people in their professions who are an example for society».

The promoters of the publishing house from Burgos collected the award which they received with «great pride» in recognition of «the work of so many years» in the publishing world in Spain and in much of the world. This work has always been closely linked to their homeland, Burgos, where they have the headquarters of the publishing house that has produced, among others, the famous facsimile of the Voynich Manuscript.

Last night, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid hosted the Outstanding Awards gala, which highlights the «Outstanding characters of the year». This is an initiative with which Expansión’s lifestyle and Sunday Supplement magazine wishes to recognise the talent of those people who have reached the top of their careers and who set an example for society in the fields of Architecture, Art, Dance, Editorial Work, Interior Design, Fashion, Gastronomy, Oenology, Sport and Philanthropy.

This year’s winners were: Mauricio González-Gordon, in the Oenology category; Antonio Cruz and Antonio Ortiz, in Architecture; Lita Cabellut, in Art; Joan Roca, in Gastronomy; Miren Vives – from the Balenciaga Museum – in the Fashion category; Carlos Sainz, in Sport; Miguel Milá, in Design; Sara Baras, in Dance, and Enrique Figaredo, in Philanthropy.

Once again this year, to determine who is worthy of the award, a jury was assembled, made up of the writer and magazine contributor Almudena de Arteaga; the former Government High Commissioner for the Spain Brand, Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros; the journalist Marta Michel, director of Yo Dona, and Olga Ruiz, head of Telva; the former State Attorney General Eduardo Torres-Dulce, and the director of the Fuera de Serie Sunday Supplement magazine, Ivan Martínez-Cubells.


Both García and Molinero, who received the award from Torres Dulce, wished to thank Fuera de Serie, «a medium that has earned absolute success amongst Spanish Sunday newspapers». «It is indescribable how proud we are to receive this great honour, which brings with it the challenge for us to remain at the top for as long as possible», they said.

They dedicated the award to the Siloé team and the collaborating companies, as well as to their customers and their families. «All of them have been and are always there by our side, supporting every action we undertake», they concluded.