Le Jardinet de l’Âme

16th century, 1569. Anonymous. Private collection. From Amiens, France.

One of the most beautiful devotionals of all time.

French. Traditional Gothic script.

This manuscript contains numerous illustrations signed by the great miniaturist AB Normand, along with several unsigned ones. These bordered frames include multi-coloured plant and fruit elements, fantastic animals and sprites, beautifully realistic fish, architectural elements and human figures. Also noteworthy are the numerous miniature capitals with human faces, biblical scenes and even landscapes inside. The specially embossed gold and hand-painted iridescent enamels are extremely delicate.

204 delightful pages on fine vellum, 95 x 135 mm.  Devotional from the second half of the 16th century.

On the very first folio, express mention is made of its rich ornamentation.

A book of singular delicacy and personality, of enormous formal perfection and attractiveness.

Handmade leather binding and book box. Accompanied by a volume of studies.

Limited edition of 898 numbered copies with notarial certificate.

National Prize 2011. Best books published in 2010. Ministry of Culture. Modality: facsimile books.

Images of Le Jardinet de l’Âme